Our Story

Our Story

You are what you eat. That’s the mantra the three friends behind Vive Organic shared. It all started when Wyatt was in Florida, feeling tired and rundown after a long work trip. He happened upon a local vendor selling homemade ginger shots, and the rest is history. After experiencing a full body revival, he made it his mission to spread that same feeling with the world.

Wyatt shared his experience with his equally health conscious and entrepreneurial friends, Kyle and JR. They were immediately on board to bring Vive Organic to life. And so, the trio left their respective places of work in favor of reinventing ways to deliver naturally restorative ingredients to people everywhere.

To this day, that belief holds strong. By providing the freshest and most powerful ingredients, the Vive Organic team is committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

The Four Cornerstones Of Our Company


Harnessing Earth’s Most Powerful and Energy Packed Ingredients


Connecting People with Nature, From Farm to Shot


Upholding a True Commitment to Quality by Never Cutting Corners


Carefully Sourcing and Perfectly Formulating Each Wellness Shot

Positive Impact on the Planet

We strongly believe that every company has the inherent responsibility to improve the condition of our planet for future generations. It’s a relationship of mutual respect – if the planet isn’t thriving, neither will our business.

In an effort to decrease waste, we give a percentage of revenue from every bottle sold to non-profits that work to clean up plastic waste. We discovered that by contributing just a couple cents from every bottle, we can make a significant impact on cleaning up plastic bottle waste around the world. If every company that produced plastic did the same, we’d live in a much cleaner world.

Meet the team

Wyatt Taubman

CEO & Co-Founder

    Kyle Withycombe

    COO & Co-Founder

      JR Simich

      VP, Sales & Co-Founder